23 October, 2005

Getting rid of annoying flash ads

I just love this plugin for mozilla. Now I can read stuff from the web without having those flash ads trying to make me nuts. I can still see flash content if I either click on it or put the url on my "safe list".

03 October, 2005

Sun patents over OpenDocument

Many people on the FOSS community have been complaining about Sun patents lurking under the OpenDocument standard, disabling it from being an "Open" standard at all.

This Sun patent exists due to the fact that most of the OpenDocument standard is inherited from the OpenOffice.org 1.0 file format, which belongs to Sun.

To cease this unease Sun recently made a new a statement saying that, in other words, nobody have to worry because he really want it to be free for all and will never use its patents against nobody for the use/implementation of OpenDocument.

Simon Phipps, from Sun, already made a really good digest about it. So, I will not try make another one here. :-)