29 May, 2006

Regex searches in gedit!

One thing that bothered me about gedit was the lack of support for regular expressions when searching text. But now that gedit have Python plugins I thought that it would be really easy to add such thing using Python's "re" module.

And indeed it was. Now I have this neat Python plugin called "Regex Search". You can download it from here.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin in action:

Just put the files in /usr/[local/]lib/gedit-2/plugins, as it's not a package yet. You can then access it from the "Tools" menu, in gedit.

I hope gedit guys will realize the imense usefulness of this plugin an decide to ship it along with the standard plugins. :-D

Update: Forgot to say that you need at least a gedit 2.14 to run this, since Python plugins are a relatively new addition.