16 April, 2007

Back from vacations and fisl 8.0

Back from one month backpacking in New Zealand. A great place to go if you like the outdoors. It was odd to notice that at every hostel about 50% of the backpackers were from Germany. Second place goes to Israel.
I made some friends and met a lot of nice, interesting, people. I have to do it more :-) But it's good to be back at work.

Spent just a few days back at home (Recife) and then went to Porto Alegre to give a talk on Tapioca VoIP & Telepathy at fisl 8.0 (8th International Free Software Forum). It was good to see the room full of interested people.
The funny thing is that I stopped working on Tapioca & Telepathy a few weeks before my vacation.

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Blogger Sérgio.Arcoverde said...

Olha o Zé do Caixão ganhando o mundo. Parabéns, meu amigo. Rolou a asa delta na Nova Zelândia? Um abração do bregão.

May 14, 2008 at 7:40 PM  

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